How to photograph a wedding in bad weather

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The weather is one thing you can not control in a wedding event.  You can plan everything else but no matter what you do weather is out of your hands.  Well as a photographer bad weather is something you can plan for.  Obviously you hope you don’t have to deal with it.But if you have been assigned a duty to do the pictures you want to be ready for whatever weather may happen.So here are some useful tips you can follow in case of bad weather in a wedding day.

First and foremost you need a backup plan.But no matter what you do you still need to prepare another option for those outdoor shots you planned to capture.  As a San Diego wedding photographer I usually don’t have to worry about this.  But there will be times that bad weather happens.  The thing you can do is make sure you have a backup location ready if the weather does get bad.  With a backup place identified you can plan the photographs you will take.

Another thing you can do is plan to have more time for the wedding photos. What this gives you is the opportunity to cover or hide yourself when it is showering.When the rain slows down you can hurriedly take pictures.  I have had to do this several times as a San Diego photographer.  It isn’t the best way to take photographs but it will work.

Finally you must already have set up umbrellas.Sometimes the weather will not let up and umbrellas will let you take them anyway.  In my San Diego event photography business we already have umbrellas ready for many reasons.  In reality taking photos with overcast skies look great in pictures.  So it isn’t all bad.

So there are some tips you can use to make the best out of bad weather in a wedding.As mentioned, you have no power to control the weather but you can definitely control your plans and still have great photos.

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