How To Get Your Child Into Train Spotting

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Train spotting is a fascinating activity for young children and it can keep them entertained for hours. If you are stuck for something to do on a day out it can be the ideal solution. If you would like to introduce your child to train spotting but don’t know how, then the tips below will help.


– You are probably going to want to take your child to a track that has a lot of trains passing through. They are very unlikely to stay interested if there are very few trains passing by. If you want to find the perfect track for your day out, then you will need to do your homework first. Just because you might have patience to sit for hours waiting for a train, a child probably won’t share your enthusiasm after a while.


– It is very important to ensure that safety is paramount at all times on an outing like this. Make sure that your child does not stray too near to the track and be aware of where he or she is all the time.


– If you have a train timetable with you then you will know when the trains are due and then you can get your child excited. If there is going to be a period where there won’t be trains for quite some time, then you can find something else to occupy your child.


– Older children might enjoy writing down the details of all the trains they see. Many train spotters started off their hobby when they were kids and your child might develop this into a lifelong hobby as well.


– The noise of the train could upset your child as it passes if your child is quite young. The best thing to do would be to make sure you stay far enough away from the trains as they pass.


– Another way to keep your child interested is to get them to draw a picture of their favourite train that day.


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