How To Find The Right Electric Blankets For Your Family

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Electric blankets have always been among the most wanted home appliances. These heated blankets will save you money on your heating bill, warm the bed so you can stay warm the whole night. Some of them have a textured surface and others feature a soft outer layer.

Health Advantages

Today, more and more doctors are pointing towards the health benefits of using them, especially by people suffering from arthritis. These warming blankets help reduce muscle and joint pain by increasing the blood flow within the body. Also, a heated blanket helps eliminate the dust mite parasites from warm beds, which lead to asthma, sinusitis and allergies. it is generally advisable that pregnant women and people with pacemakers avoid using these kind of electric blankets.


Today, electric blankets are much safer. Most models heat up in less than 15 minutes and have built-in timers, so you can set them on and off automatically. Dual control electric blankets have a separate set of controls so that 2 users may select different heating settings.

You can turn off your blanket when it reaches the right temperature or you can let it turn off automatically. If your electric blanket doesn’t have a timer, then it usually turns off after 10 hours of working. When you wash the blanket, avoid pouring any kind of cleaning fluid on it because some of these cleaners are acidic and damage the heating system. it is important to never iron the blanket because this could damage the wires.

The Cost

Electric blankets prices vary greatly depending on size, models and brands. For example, a low voltage electric blanket may cost between $30-$100. Other models are machine washable and cost a little more. The most important thing to make sure you read the text and owners manual your sure to understand how it works.

These warming blankets also work as last minute gift ideas, as who does not like the idea of getting into a warm bed at night and also cuttting their heating expenses a little bit?


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