How To Choose Your Kids First Bed And Mattress

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There was a point when I’d never suggest purchasing a foam
; but I have changed my view of them. I now accept that they definitely have a place in our homes.

Moving a child out of a cot is a vital step. There isn’t any fixed time at which to do this, and each child and family find a time that will work for them. But with this comes the choice of what bed to put them in next. The two basic selections are a single bed, or an infant bed.

The single bed option

If you’re buying a kids bed, but the size of an adult one, you need to keep it simple. I would definitely counsel avoiding anything which looks similar to a childs bed, as you can ensure that they are going to grow out of the fire engine or princess phase before the bed has reached the end of its serviceable life.

The toddler bed

For some youngsters these really work, they’re close to the ground; so not far to fall if they roll out of bed. They’re also simple to get out and in of if you have a child who requires to get up in the night to go to the john.

The Mattress

This makes selecting the bed seem easy. The advertising material is all written to guide you toward the concept of a natural fibre, cool, fully sprung, pocket sprung and many other specialised mattresses; but is that actually what you want? If this is your kids first bed then the chances are they’re somewhere between 18 and 28 months; there is also an excellent chance they’re still in nappies at night. That suggests that you’ll still have bed wetting ahead of you.

Some kids are dry at night from terribly early on and they do not tend to have night time accidents, but other aren’t, and you can’t know which you have until you start potty training.
I would always endorse a plastic sheet on top of the mattress, an under sheet, then a bed mat and then your top sheet. This may appear a lot , but it works. I actually think the disposable bed mats are a great idea. Some kids will not wake up when they wet the bed, and depending on how frequently you check the youngsters they may be lying in urine, so a throw-away bed mat is a great way to decrease the risk of skin rashes. It also implies that if you have to do a night time change you can just take away the top sheet and the bet mat and the kid can sleep what’s left of the night on the under sheet and you’ll know that there’s still a mattress protector under that. This may be perfectly sufficient till the morning when you can air the mattress and change everything.

Back to my opening sentence, the foam mattress is great; because when you have all this to worry about you don’t want to also need to think about whether your couple of hundred bucks, entirely pocket sprung natural fibre mattress is being damaged. With a foam mattress you can simply pop to the local furnishing shop, get another piece cut to size and take it home.

Buying a foam mattress essentially means that there’s one less thing to fret about. Check out other concepts for your childs bedroom
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