Holiday Thoughts For Thanksgiving

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As a holiday, Thanksgiving is often overshadowed by Halloween and Christmas. In many ways however Thanksgiving is more important than these other holidays and a time to reflect on the year past. Delicious food also plays an important part of the holiday with Thanksgiving dinner looked forward to all year long. Sometimes the cooking and preparation will start days ahead of time, depending on just how many people will be attending the dinner.

In large families, the ladies will get together and collectively cook Thanksgiving Dinner. It can be very much a team event. Thanksgiving Recipes in many cases have been passed down through generations and are special to that family.

Many times people have to make a choice between traveling for Thanksgiving holidays and Christmas holidays. It’s not always possible to travel home for both holidays. If you are faced with such a decision, one option is to alternate each year. One year they will travel for Thanksgiving and the next year they will travel for Christmas holidays. Although still a busy time to travel, Thanksgiving is probably easier to make bookings for. On the other hand, Christmas seems to be the “must travel” holiday and to ensure a seat, you have to book well in advance.

The four day Thanksgiving holidays is a major attraction making it a very popular time of year. Some businesses will open up on the Friday but many keep the doors shut until Monday morning This make the decision to travel for the long weekend easier. If the turkey has not slowed you down, shopping on the day after Thanksgiving offers the chance of finding many low price bargains. In addition, you will also start to see Christmas decorations appearing through out the entire weekend.

It is not necessary to choose whether the Thanksgiving holidays are your favorite or not. There are still many events and thinks to do during the Thanksgiving holidays to have fun and enjoy yourself. There are usually lots of events and parties going on at Thanksgiving so there is no need to be alone. There is no reason to spend Thanksgiving alone unless you choose to be. This means Thanksgiving 2011 too. Ask around and you will find that not everyone goes home for Thanksgiving. Maybe you can gather them for a nice dinner cooked by you.

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