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If you will be looking for alternatives to Nursing Homes, you do have some options:

There are a range of household services on the market to care for ill or disabled patients. These services will probably hold the patient out of a nursing home. These house services consist of adult day care, shopping services, friendly household visits and Meals on Wheels. These programs are attainable in most areas.

Delivering meds to nursing homes might be pretty rewarding at times. Most of the time, the residents are fairly pleased to see you.

The homes I delivered to had really friendly and dedicated staff. And this showed within the residents. I personally give these persons a great deal of credit. They are kind, caring and seriously appreciate the residents they take care of.

You will discover also some nursing homes that provide respite care; this allows them to take in a patient for a short time as a way to give the residence care givers somewhat break.

She was within the very same spot everyday when I arrived. Situated in her chair beside the windows to the courtyard, and everyday as she looked out the window, she would ask what it was carrying out outside. I would give her the weather report and her response was a sort look, a smile as nicely as a thank you. Mind you, this was everyday. It never changed. I hope she is performing well. I no longer deliver meds, so I don’t get to see her.

It was funny the names I was given. They knew I was delivering their medications, but I was known as in loud voices, the candy lady and our drug pusher. They continually produced me laugh.

Subsidized Senior Housing (Non-Medical)

I really did not thoughts losing the job. I cannot reconcile in my mind why an 87- year old particular person would need to have 23 prescriptions on admission. I am not in the medical field, but I just can’t deal with this in my mind.

The orders are from the doctors who know what they are doing, however it was bothering me tremendously that I was the 1 bringing it to the residents.

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