Having A Sick Child At Home Can Imply A Lot Of Time Off The Job To Look After Them

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More women choose to work nowadays after having given birth simply because they can't afford not to and in addition more ladies are returning to work once their kids start college. But what occurs in the event of their kid getting ill and they have to take time off the job to take care of them? What if a couple of days turns into a longer time period which leads to their administrator firing them from their job? What are the parent’s rights? A Los Angeles workplace discrimination attorney explains:

Some federal and state laws give workers the right to take unpaid time off both for pregnancy and parenting, and some employer’s policies also give elders the right to take time off.

The FLMA (Fed Family and Medical Leave Act) states that larger corporations must make available up to twelve weeks of unpaid leave per year for workers who require time off to care for a new kid. In a few cases this leave may also be used for parenting:

Parental Leave

New mothers and fathers are legally permitted to take FMLA leave following the birth or adoption of a new kid, or even the arrival of a foster kid. This leave can be taken at any time in the first year after the kid arrives.

Mixing parental leave

In the case where both parents work for a similar employer, this leave may be restricted to twelve weeks between the pair of them and not 12 weeks each. Nonetheless the exception to this is where the female had to take time off for major medical reasons following the arrival of her kid and the man would still be allowed to take twelve weeks off for parental care if requested.

If your employer has threatened you with termination of your job for requesting to take parental leave since your spouse had a difficult birth and needs help with the new baby, then you need to seek counsel from a firm of Los Angeles wrongful termination lawyers who will be in a position to tell you exactly what your rights are.

Intermittent parental leave

Provided your employer agrees, you could be allowed to take spasmodic parental leave. For instance, you may want to revisit part-time work for a while following the arrival of your kid, or you might want to take a while off straight after the birth and some time later on in the year. So long as you can work out a flexible agreement with your employer, then you need to use the FMLA delinquent leave to suit yourself.

How would you defend your current position if your kid is sick and you can't go to work? How sure are you that there will be no wrongful termination against you? Read on the tract of Dionisio Everingham to find out more the way the California employment lawyers can help.

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