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Valentine’s Day is one of the most significant holidays of the year for people in relationships all around the planet. A lot of people say this particular day was made up by the greeting card companies to sell more cards. But this holiday can be followed back to days of Chaucer. In those days, the concept of courting was just getting popular and Valentine’s Day became a day for lovers to celebrate. Actually the majority of the present day Valentine’s Day traditions can be traced back to Chaucer. This day has little to do with St Valentine and a lot to do with a poem created by Geoffrey Chaucer entitled “Parlement of Foules.”

Nowadays it’s no secret that folks who are most likely to benefit from Valentine’s Day are corporations that are somehow involved in the ‘romance’ industry. But this should not take away from the emotional bonding that Valentine’s Day generates. If nothing else, it’s a day on which lovers have an excuse to go out on a passionate date and spend the day with one another.

It’s very important to plan your Valentine’s Day well in advance so as to make the best of this special day. If you are in a relationship, then ensure you work out early what you intend to do on Valentine’s Day. This is down to the fact that plenty of restaurant reservations are made on that day and your reservations need to be made well in advance in order to avoid the rush. Get your gifts early too in order to avoid having to pay increased prices the day before the big day.

If you are single, Valentine’s Day could be a real drag. That’s why I advocate that you get together with all of your single pals and have an awesome party. Invite anyone who is single to this party and make sure that people mingle. That way you too can enjoy on day of love with all of your single chums. This is the best way to meet new friends and this may increase your chances of finding your soul-mate. Single people have no excuse for moping around anymore on Valentine’s Day. This holiday was made for love and fun and everyone should have a great time.

So whether you are single or have been happily married for 50 years, ensure that you enjoy yourself comprehensively this Valentine’s Day. Go out and have fun because it is 2012 and who knows? This may just be the last chance you ever have to take pleasure in this grand holiday.

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