Gostwyck Chapel New South Wales

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There are many scenic campervan hire Australiadrives around the Armidal/Uralla area and it's worth staying at either Uralla or Armidale for a day or two to have a look at some of the most beautiful Australiana in the region. Gostwyck Chapel is one such attraction, located between the Dangarsleigh Road and Uralla. It was named after Gostwyck Station which was pioneered in 1834, though the Chapel was not built till 80 7 years after.

The Chapel was built in memory of Clive Collingwood Dangar, from the Dangar family and after which Dangars Falls were named. The Danga family really took control of possession of Gotswyck Station just after it was settled, so there has traditionally been a powerful organisation between Gotswyck and the Dangars in the area.

It is probably one of the nicest tiny chapels you will ever see, with ivy growing all over the bricks and the immediate area covered with fallen leaves from the nearby elm trees. The chapel has stained glass windows and an exceedingly English looking stone fence surrounding it. In fact , it looks like a little English chapel has appeared in the midst of some awfully Australian country.

The bricks for the chapel were made on the property and 200 elm trees were specially planted to make an avenue for it, by a gardener brought out from England, specially for the job. Those elms are massive now and the avenue and the chapel look stunning in Autumn when the leaves on the elms turn from green to gold.

Considering the early settlers in the area were English, is maybe not surprising that a little piece of Britain has turned up in the middle of the Australian country, nevertheless it truly is sort of delightful and serene in outlook. It is surely worth taking a look as you pass through the area.

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