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Materials in Aerospace. Ever since the Wright brothers built their Flyer back in 1903 (Img. 1), the . Wood (spruce), steel, cloth (muslin), aluminum. 2. still uses metals and plastic, it is made predominately of a material called carbon fiber.

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Wood-plastic composite (WPC) is a very promising and sustainable green material A typical composite, which is made up of two dissimilar materials, is not .. lay in the automotive, construction, marine, electronic and aerospace industries.

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Aviation's material evolution From heavy metal to lightweight high-tech In a little over a century, aircraft have gone from delicate constructions of wood, plastic, or fibreglass, was the first lightweight composite material to be found in aircraft.

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A composite material is a material made from two or more constituent materials with The most advanced examples perform routinely on spacecraft and aircraft in demanding Woody plants, both true wood from trees and such plants as palms and . Many commercially produced composites use a polymer matrix material

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Today and tomorrow's list of composite materials, including plastics, resins and polymers From gluing wood strips in 3400 BC to today's environmentally-kind materials to Filament winding is one example of aerospace composite materials.

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5 - Mechanical and durability testing of aerospace materials. Pages 91-127. Select 6 15 - Fibre polymer composites for aerospace structures and engines. Pages 338-393. Select 16 17 - Wood in small aircraft construction. Pages 411-427.