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The action of cremation has been around for countless centuries.  Knowing about the procedure of cremation throughout the ancient times and the cremation process these days, we can really say that we have come a long way. It’s good to understand there are already lifesize cremating devices that will full the entire cremation process in 2 hours or less.

The funeral director, before carrying out any cremation procedure must first ensure that the close family has indeed chosen this approach. This approval has to be said by way of a signed document.

The body must be fully prepared before any cremation by removing jewelry and accessories. Correct identification should also be ensured. When the body is all set, it is then placed on a wooden cremation chest. The retort or cremation chamber is packed with resistive bricks. The cremating contraption is warmed up before the core process starts. After the warm up, the burner is ignited and then the real cremation starts, subjecting the body up to 1800°F – 2000°F heat. On the average, it requires 2-4 hours to finish the cremation process.

After the heating session is finished, there’s a 30-minute cool-down period. After that, the bone tissue are removed from the chamber and metal debris are taken out using a magnet or just human hands.

Any left over bone fragments are then pulverized down to a fine dust (what we call ashes). The ashes are then placed into a provisional container until the family acquires their chosen urn.

It is then upto close friends and relations whether or not they hold a necrological service with the symbolizing representing the dead person. They can also decide to bury the urn, or keep the urn at a safe place in the home. The cremains may also be scattered in a special location.

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