Four Popular Travel Scooters From Pride Mobility

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For anyone looking for a lightweight, agile, and easily transportable medical mobility scooter Pride Mobility has four different Go Go Scooter models that fit the bill.

To determine which of the four Go Go Scooters is best for you we will look at which models lead the way in certain features.


Both the Pride Go Go Ultra X and the Pride Go Go Elite Traveller have the same 32.5″ turning radius which is probably the best way to measure agility. This makes them both ideal candidates for people who require a medical mobility scooter to get around inside their home where the presence of doorways, hallways and of course furniture can be obstacles.


The Pride Go Go Ultra X mobility scooter is the lightest of the four models weighing only 92lbs including the batteries.As well the Ultra X also disassembles quickly and easily into five lightweight pieces with the heaviest weighing only 28 lbs. On top of that the Pride Go Go Ultra X also easily disassembles into five lightweight pieces with the heaviest coming in at a very manageable 28lbs. The Go Go Elite Traveller mobility scooter is close behind at only 96lbs.


Again there is not much difference between the Go Go Ultra X and the Go Go Traveller scooters as far as being easily transportable. As mentioned above they weigh virtually the same and they both quickly disassemble into five lightweight pieces.

Additional Factors

About now you are probably wondering where the other two Go Go scooter models figure into things?Two more features need to be examined to answer this question.

First there is ground clearance. The Go Go Ultra X only has a clearance of 1.375″ which means it is not a great choice if you plan on using your scooter outside where you can encounter uneven terrain. One of the Go Go Elite Scooter models would be a better choice.

The Go Go Elite Traveller has a clearance of 2.5″ while the two other Elite Traveller models which have not been mentioned yet, the Traveller Plus and Traveller PlusHD have an even greater clearance of 3″. In case you are wondering these two models weigh only about 20lbs more than the others and have a 2″ greater turning radius so they are both certainly still considered lightweight and agile.

The weight capacity of the scooter is the second factor that needs to be considered. The Go Go Ultra X has a capacity of only 260lbs, the Go Go Elite Traveller 275lbs, the Traveller Plus 300lbs and finally the Traveller PlusHD 325lbs.

If you take all of these factors into consideration you should be well on your way to figuring out which Pride Go Go Scooter is best for you.

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