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 Moving house?.  It may seem a huge undertaking, but the power to simplify and streamline it is in your hands.  Sometimes a move can be a bit of a headache but there are things you can do to ameliorate the burden.

 {1)} Horde nothing.  Go through your belongs and make a decision about what you think you need, or want, to keep.  The rest should be discarded, sold or given to a charitable organisation.  When moving house, there really is no reason to transport a whole pile of stuff that will just take up space.  If you don’t have a reason to keep something, don’t.

 {2)} Plan ahead.  Scheduling the tasklist will also help reduce stress and workload.  Allow enough time in each room you pack to set a relaxed pace to the task.  This is to make sure you don’t miss anything because you’re in a rush.  You also won’t get over-tired and stressed.  Tired workers inevitably make mistakes.

 {3)} Draw up an inventory of absolutely everything.  It helps to create an inventory of everything you are taking with you.  It is simple logic that by keeping a list,you will be that much more aware of any missing items.

 {4)} Pack it tight.  Finally we’ve arrived at the most important part of the move.  It may seem simple enough but it can unravel.  Pack your loose items into a box filled with padding.  An old blanket comes in handy for shoving between larger objects to keep them from damaging each other.  Remember to attempt to pack things that have a similar shape together.  Again, it is simple common sense – when things fit nicely together it reduces space requirements in the furniture removal truck.

 {5)} Use a professional removalist.  A good removal company is integral to the success of all your endeavours thus far.  I recently came across a novel idea from Fernando’s Half Price Removals in Perth.  On a day of your choosing, they will deliver an empty storage container to your home that you then pack up yourself.  They will then pick it up and shift it to your new address, you unpack and they remove it.  A novel idea indeed but one I think will catch on.  You have the reassurance that the integrity of the container will not be compromised so your property will be safe and secure.

 This is a removal service certainly worth trying in my opinion – and so easy, whether you’re moving house in Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane. 

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