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There has been a number of articles written on how you can find people living in Canda Online. We have shared on how you can use limited data to do your search, How to put search engines like Google into good use, how you can use free people search engines like Zabasearch or even use a paid service like Intelius.

That said, I can safely say that the number of wasy to find people online cannever really be exhausted in one article. This is because every day new sites are developed with more advanced and better people search features. So what we shared as the best method last fall may not necessarily be the best method this year. Hence the need for you to read more that just this article on the site.

Let me give you an example of what I am talking about here. A couple of years ago the term “online social networking” did not exist…at least for what it means today. It was the emergence of the web 2.0 technology that spear headed the emergence of sites like friendster and Myspace.

These two are not the only ones today. I mean in one year alone there has been a major twist in the social networking world with the emeregence of new competitive players. For example, Facebook is currently the top site that everyone including Canadians use. There is no fee for joining and making – even searching for your friends online.

You can also use the friend finder tool on the site to find people within a specific country like Canada. Estimates show that the number of people using facebook has increased by three fold since two years ago. Some of my search reveals that the sites get about 13 million uniques (from Canada).

You can also use the new comer which is rocking the social media world, twitter to find the person. My research has shown that at the time of writing there are about 2 million people from Canada using the site as members.

Hey, do not overlook the “grandaddy” of social networks…Myspace – it is still as valuable in people search as it was a few years ago. Like Twitter is also receives about 2 million uniques from Canada each and every month although it seems to be on a downward spiral.

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