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Being an antique dealer I have over the years amassed a big set of attractive furniture, furnishings and art for my home. As my possessions grew, my nice apartment in London become too small, so I decided to sell up and move to a lovely mews cottage.

My new-found home was found via an terrific estate agent, so now I just needed a sensible removal company to cautiously move my antiques. I started to have a look on-line for removal companies but felt a bit out of my depth about which one to choose. Remembering a acquaintance had recently moved, I rang her to ask the name of the people she had used.

I know moving can be an excessively stressful time but since I now had the telephone number of a reputable removal firm, I felt I was in a better position. I did a little research about them on the internet and soon gathered enough information, so decided to use this particular company. One thing that stood out a mile which was very vital to me was the fact that they were a well insured establishment. This was just what I required to protect my pleasing collection of antiques.

Moving day soon arrived and after having carefully packed my belongings I awaited the arrival of the removal men. I was absolutely glad when I realised they seemed to know just how cherished the contents of my house were and took grand care carrying each article out of the apartment. My friend said this was an vastly reliable and reputable company, how right she was. I must say I found the service first class, the price of the removal was greatly affordable and my worldly goods were placed very carefully in the van.

The next thing was, would everything be unloaded just as carefully as they had been loaded. I had no need to worry whatsoever. Plenty of attention was paid to my antique collection to make sure none of it was damaged. No wonder, my friend had been so impressed with them. I had no concern about my belongings, I knew they were in good hands.

It took time to get everything into my new home but again the workers took care and put everything exactly where I wanted it. I was delighted that it had gone so smoothly and there were no hitches.As there were no damages or mishaps, there was no need for insurance.

I can greatly recommend this removal company to anyone who is thinking of relocating in the city of London. They provide a exquisite, efficient service and made my first experience of moving home passing without any incidents.

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