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Marmaris is an old Carian town. Its history goes back to the 3500 BC. Earlier Marmaris was known as Physkos and its ruins can be discovered at Asartepe, which is situated 2 km north of Marmaris. Here you'll find the pine-clad mountains and crystal water beaches.

Holidays to marmaris are loaded with fun time by the beach and pools.

There are plenty of places of attractions like a 16th century citadel, which was built by Suleyman, the Ottoman caravansary of 1545 and also , the mosque of Ibrahim Agha, which was built in 1789. On the western side of Marmaris, there's the Ataturk Park with its fine beach for swimming. Here in this park there are lots of rare species of trees which cannot be found some place else in the world. In Marmaris, each kind of facilites is available like accommodations, diners, bars, cafes and discos. Every kind of materials can be found in the market. The Turkish handicrafts are extremely famous.

The Marmaris’s market is renowned for one thing more the “Caam Ball”, a flavorful pine-scented honey. Marmaris is acceptable for any kind of leisure activities. The deep blue sea with crystal-clear water is fine for various types of water sports. A visitor can visit the Turuns bay, which is situated down the mountains.

Along the Turuns Bay you'll see various kinds of restaurants and bars. Near the Turuns Bay, there are masses of traveller spot like Orhaniye, famous for its natural harbour, Turgut, Yavuz Plaji, Ciftlik, Fosforlu Magara (the Phosphorus Cavern), Cennet Adasi, Gunnucek and Yalanci Bogaz.

Aside from all of these, a holiday maker can go to Loryma, which is located at the southern tip of the Bozburun Promontory by a boat trip. Here you will find the ruins of a harbor and a castle. It's the best place for the people who desire privacy with the amazing natural environment.

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