Ensuring The Health Of The General Public Through Asbestos Removal

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Over the centuries, asbestos has since been used for a variety of applications ranging from fabric to car parts due to the properties of strength as well as heat and chemical resistance. In the last few decades though, it has been identified to be the cause of many health complications that are sever and sometimes fatal. In many countries, both its use and its removal are strictly regulated to prevent exposure to ordinary citizens that can lead to health risks and complications.

If you own property that is known to contain asbestos then there are certain measures that you can take. The Environmental Protection Agency or E.P.A. has recommendations for Asbestos Removal but not in all cases can it be considered applicable. Before undergoing any remodeling or demolition, materials that contain asbestos should generally be inspected. Asbestos-containing materials can either be left undisturbed or removed depending on a recommendation.

Inspection is necessary as handling the materials for unnecessary reasons can do more harm than good. To determine whether the materials that contain asbestos threaten the inhabitants’ lives or not, an Asbestos Survey can be done. Whether the materials should be fixed or removed, the ensuing task is generally accomplished by a trained contractor.

Once an inspection has been carried out, there are four classes of asbestos abatement or removal that can take place. Without disrupting the actual materials, a Class IV abatement involves simple repair and maintenance on the ACM (asbestos-containing material) or PACM (presumed asbestos-containing material). Class III abatement involves repair and maintenance ACM and PACM surfacing, as well as thermal system insulation (TSI) with the possibility of asbestos exposure. Class II abatement and removal involves the handling of ACM other than TSI. Class I abatement and removal involves complete removal of TSI and other ACM or PACM surfacing regardless of their method of application. The job can actually result in the the general public being exposed to unsafe amounts of the material if it isn’t done properly, therefore hiring an asbestos removal service is an important responsibility in itself. Increased exposure to ACM can result in lung scarring, cancer, and mesothelioma which frequently leads to death. When doing research on possible candidates you plan to hire it is always helpful to check the Better Business Bureau. Look for reviews and feedback from former clients to help you make your decision. Find out what kind of equipment they use, particularly protective clothing and protective measures that they use.

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