Eczema: Is It Harmful In Children?

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Eczema in babies is visually upsetting to moms and dads and irritating for the baby.  However, eczema isn’t a dangerous wellness situation.  Eczema tends to run in family members who often have a background of allergies.  Although people of all ages can have eczema it’s most common in infants. Many babies will outgrow eczema by the time they’re 2 or 3 years old.  By the time they reach adulthood, more than half will have outgrown the disorder.  Eczema could be medicated with creams and lotions.

Eczema is a persistent skin disorder due to a hypersensitive reaction in the skin that causes it to become irritated. The inflammation leads to a reddish, scaly and scratchy rash.  In babies it is often seen on the cheeks, elbows and knees, though the break outs can happen anywhere on the skin.  Other typical areas for the rash to show up are in the folds and creases of the skin such as behind the knee. The most uncomfortable negative effect of eczema is the itchiness, sometimes practically intolerable.  Similar to any rash, scratching irritates the skin more frequently inducing distressing blisters.

The indicators from eczema can be made worse by dry skin, temperature modifications, environmental toxins, water and stress.  Several foods make the indicators more intense and you can try eliminating these from your baby’s diet.  Foods to watch are wheat, eggs, fish, peanuts and soy.  In addition, there’s some evidence that dust mites aggravate eczema and make the rash worse.  Making use of a HEPA filter in your home’s air conditioning and vacuum can assist lessen dust and pollen. Clean baby’s clothing in dye-free, perfume-free soaps and use dryer sheets free of the very same.  Clothes created from 100% cotton will be most comfortable for baby with an eczema rash and will be much less likely to trigger hypersensitivity in the skin.

Rashes triggered from eczema can be cared for with creams and lotions depending on the stage of the rash. Doctor prescribed ointments might be necessary to effectively manage the break outs. Keep away from items that may contain irritants like alcohol and scent. Your child’s pediatrician will have the ideal advice on what medications to use on an eczema rash.

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