Easy Guide To Cleaning Your Windows

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House owners will tell you that it is their goal to have clean windows at home all the time as much as possible. Windows are sometimes just relegated to the least of the priorities that people clean in their house. The reason maybe because windows do look clean due to their clearness. The only time that most windows are cleaned is when they have streaks on them. Do check your windows regularly since it is not very obvious if it is already dirty. It is also important that you check on your window frames and window sills. Read on to know how you will be able to clean your windows properly.

Number one step, be sure that you gather all the necessary cleaning tools and equipments before you start cleaning. You will need the most basic of tools when you are going to start this task. Most of the equipments required for cleaning windows are readily available at home. It is good that you complete the following: detergent, water hose, clean rags, a bucket and a wiper. A wiper is quite useful when you have huge windows in your house.  This is the first thing we do in our window cleaning San Diego company.

Number two, be sure that you learn how to go about cleaning the windows properly. One good tip when cleaning your window is to dry or wipe it in only one direction. Water streaks will not be a problem when you do this. Another good tip is to remove the dust and dirt before using a wet cloth so that you don’t create mud on your window. Make sure that you only use clean cloth in wiping your window because windows are usually sensitive to dirt. It may leave marks on it, as well as streaks which can be distasteful.  We do this step for all of our clients of our window washing San Diego service.

Last, make sure that you clean the outside and the inside of the glass pane. You may use a water hose when cleaning the exterior portion of the glass window. Interior part cleaning of the windows is done using a bucket and a soapy water mixture.  This is a step we make sure not to miss in our Encinitas window cleaning service.

There you have the simple steps towards a good window cleaning experience. Following these steps will help make cleaning your windows easier.

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