Does Our Kids Really Learn The Important Stuff in School

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Couple of days ago i was at home doing homework, reading about the amazon rainforest biome, it was a fun experince, but as i am too old to be in school, doing homework was a little strange. When I was a child I can’t remember my mom or my dad completing my homework instead of me. I just remember that a very few days my daddy attempted to help me with some of my homework but it only frustrated me and got me a lot more frustrated. In most cases I remember I was able to do assignments on my own. It was my own homework and even if I did it completely wrong this was fine for the reason that it had been a fairly good chance for the teacher to understand in what subjects I need more support .

My son is a youngster, just 2 years old, so thankfully – no home work yet. yet I am looking at my cousins under pressure with the assignments of their nine and 12 years old kids.

Allow me to express what exactly do I am talking about by they are struggling.
As soon as the kids are coming back from school, the parents asking them if they there are any school assignments. And more likely than not they are replying saying they do, but that they need help and are not sure what to do.

Listen, you may will probably assume I’m a wise guy, however I can’t recall my father and mother ever wondering if I have any school assignments. Every day I just looked at my class schedule for the day after and saw if there’s any school assignments I must do and that I haven’t worked on yet. It sound lame yet it was my task! I didn’t at all times got it perfect and also sometime I forget about a task or two,however, most usually I’ve done the assignments on my own plus nobody advised me or assist me .

If you wish your youngster’s homework to remain this way, than it is best to make certain starting from the first homework assignment, the kid fully grasp this is his duty.

Okay, despite everything I stated, I did find myself assisting my 10 years old niece with a school assignment she had recently. She had an assignment to write down 20 amazon rainforest facts. we started by reading through a report she received about the subject and after that we went on the internet and hunt for somefacts . Then , I i figured it out, the trouble is that going to school today eight or 10 years old can not make any mistakes, at least we make them feel like it. Could it be such a problem if they got it wrong? We have to recognize that it is more than ok, otherwise how can we see what are their problems, and what are the issues they require help with and not less important, exactly what are they are very good at, and what are the things they enjoy to learn.

I’m not really 10 years old any more and I did learn a few things regarding life, and one of the biggest things I discovered it is okay to make errors. Actually this it the ultimate way to discover new things. We must not teach our child to be afraid of doing errors since a mistake is an excellent opportunity to get smarter.

So let your young ones do their own home work and teach them it actually is ok to try and do it themselves. They got the capability and whenever they will go wrong it will be ok.
I really believe you should make the mistakes as a are a child, and it’s really far better to learn through those errors being a youngster then has a grown up.

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