Diwali Greeting Cards during the Season of Deepavali

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The Queen Victoria Building (QVB) is an impressive facade located in the center of Sydney’s CBD. The building facade’s are carefully kept so as to keep the look & feel of this building’s heritage. Visitors to the QVB are usually world travelers , more so at the time of the event of Diwali.

Many years back my family controlled and managed one of the shops on top level of the QVB. We where sufficiently lucky to meet and sometimes befriend folk from all 4 corners of the planet.

We’d note with curious interest the ebb and flow of nationalities and wonder at the circumstances influencing the increase (or fall) in visitor numbers from particular nations. Some visitor nationalities where always a repeated eg the Japanese, American’s and New Zealanders’. Other’s where infrequent like Indonesian’s, German’s, French and Brazilian’s.

We sold this business more than a decade ago however I sometimes wonder what the current trend is.

On the way to a business meet in the city centre lately I decided to ‘duck-in ‘ to the QVB for a quick look.

Times have significantly changed.

I’m only able to imagine that the high rate of exchange for the Australian currency has had a significant impact on the number of visitors to our shores. The place was Extremely quiet.

As I passed by our previously owned shop I noticed the complete absence of a shop that was a daily favourite of mine whenever visiting the QVB.

It is a shop completely devoted to Cartoon Cell’s however my interest was not in the Cell’s but the Greeting Card’s they produced once a year for Christmas.

The cards where unlike any Christmas card most individuals are ever likely to receive. They where often provocative and a bit macabre but intensely funny for those of us with a dry sense of humor.

The artist would hand draw every one hence only a limited number where available annually. I always made a point of checking their arrival every day in the months leading into Christmas.

It gave me incredible pleasure to send them out to friends and family as I knew most would react with indignation before ‘cracking-up ‘!

The phone would ring and I’d be censured for 1 or 2 seconds and then we might enjoy a long overdue yarn.

And so it is with Diwali or at the very least should be. The year infrequently passes without annotations and we neglect to maintain contact with buddies and family. All it takes is a greeting card to renew and restore past connections and hopefully maintain them.

So put pen down on paper (or Diwali card) and surprise somebody you know and wish to keep knowing.

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