Discussing The Level Of Competition With Electronic Cigarette Sellers

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Since more of the population is becoming more health conscious, electronic cigarette models are surging in popularity. Even celebrities are seen puffing on e-cigarettes. It is often difficult to find a place to smoke without bothering non-smokers or violating the law. Sometimes smokers themselves do not like the lingering scent of smoke that clings to hair and clothing and permeates car interiors.

E-cigarettes come in different models and varieties like an SD keyring. They are similar to each other in construction, but may have different features than make them better than others. As with most products, some are of better quality. They also may vary in appearance.

The function of e-cigarettes is similar. They are composed of an atomizer than is powered by a small battery. The atomizer turns the nicotine and water solution into vapor, that is then inhaled by the smoker. It gives the appearance and feel of smoking without the tar or lingering smell of real cigarettes.

There are many different looks available with electronic cigarettes. Most of them look very realistic, the cartridge resembling a filter, the battery looking like the body of the cigarette, and even a tip that glows when the user inhales. There are also different colors and designs to choose from. Some models even produce different colors of smoke.

E-cigarettes can be found in a one-piece, one-used model (no cartridges or batteries can be replaced), and two or three piece units. Two-piece units come with battery and a cartridge, with the atomizer inside the cartridge. Three-piece units have a battery, cartridge, and separate atomizer.

The three-piece units need a new atomizer every time ten cartridges are used up. This is a good unit for smokers who want to use ‘e-juice’ to refill their cartridges. Two-piece models have a built-in atomizer, and the atomizer is replaced each time the cartridge is replaced.

Batteries are very important. It is good to buy a starter kit because these usually come with two batteries. The user needs to be able to charge one battery while using the other. Batteries can be charged in a vehicle or some by utilizing the USB port on a computer.

E-cigarettes have an LED on the tip that glows when it is being inhaled. There are different colors to choose from. Orange or red is the most popular because these look like a real cigarette. Green and blue are also common. Units with red LEDs are often mistaken for the real thing.

Vapor production is also an important part of imitating the smoking experience. More vapor equals more satisfaction. Units that produced less vapor may not offer the same level of satisfaction, however, these models may be cheaper.

Flavor is also huge and e-cigarettes have lots of variety. All brands offer both the usual tobacco and menthol flavors but some also offer more exotic ones. Users who refill their cartridges may do so because they desire a specific flavor.

The bottom line, of course, is price. Inexpensive e-cigarette starter kits can be found for a little under twenty dollars. More expensive kits can be as much as two-hundred dollars. The price of refills must also be taken into consideration. Finding the right fit is very important, so no money is wasting on trying different brands. Reviews are available online, or ask a friend or relative who has some experience with these products. Finding the right electronic cigarette is usually pretty easy.

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