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Because of the many quotes online that are available, it is important to compare rates and do the research. Make sure that the company selling the insurance is specific to your needs.  Many websites will use the words health insurance as their key word terms even though this is not what they are actually selling. Health care discount cards seem to be getting a lot of attention these days from all the advertising on the web. These cards might be the only option some families and individuals have if they cannot afford health insurance coverage. Families or individuals who have no insurance seem to be rising every year. When doing your research you will find that these cards are not health insurance cards, but discount cards that give you a better discount of the service provided by the medical professional you are seeing.  Anyone who has done a decent amount of health insurance research should already be familiar with these discount cards. Remember these cards represent care discounts, not health insurance. It is important to note that a discount medical card offers benefits only at a select group of doctor’s offices. Therefore, no benefits are offered by the doctor or dentist office, just discounts. They also will not be subjected to reasonable and customary charges like those that are imposed and help reduce the overall amount of medical bills. Very simply this is not but a means to getting to pay a few dollars less at your next doctor’s visit.  So this is like a coupon that gives you a discount on the final price, but does not assist in your bills from the medical board. Being aware of these sites that offer the health discount cards, will keep you and your money safe. You will already know they are in no way a substitute for insurance, just a misrepresentation of health care insurance. Educating yourself to spot these sites and what they represent will help those you love. One luring point being used on unsuspecting victims is the much lower premiums advertised. This generally will reel customers in. Private pay patients can use these discount cards but no one can use them in conjunction with any health insurance plan.  Students who have these discount cards will find it more beneficial and cheaper to get medical help and stay in school longer to finish courses.

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