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One of your parents may lose the ability to care for themselves as they get older.  As their body starts breaking down due to natural aging, they may not be able to drive themselves everywhere they need to go.  You may have to let your elderly parent move in if they’re unable to care for themselves any longer.

Your parent would definitely appreciate the help you provide.  You wouldn’t exactly be the person you are today if they didn’t go about raising you in the first place.  They would definitely be appreciative of the companionship they’d have with living with you and your family.

However, living with an elderly parent can be a major problem if you’re married.  You’ll be responsible for caring for another person in the house.  You and your spouse will have that much less time to spend together.

Having one more person in the home in addition to your own kids can be very difficult indeed.  Things will really get bad if you don’t have that much space in your home to accommodate another person.  Thanks to the fact that there will be another mouth to feed, you’ll also need to bring more food in the home.

Your spouse will be well within his or her rights to have a problem with your parent living in the home too.  If the marriage isn’t going that great in the first place, then things will probably get worse.  You may have to deal with major problems in your marriage as the result of your parent living there.

If you aren’t too keen on letting your parent move in, then you may want to move them into an assisted living facility.  These facilities will provide your parent with the care that they need.  There will also be plenty of other people there to provide companionship to them.

However, many people would prefer not to live in one of these homes.  Many people have had quite a difficult time convincing their parent that living in a home was best for them.  However, if it would put unnecessary strain on your marriage, then it would certainly be the wise thing to do.  If your parent agrees to live there, then you wouldn’t have to worry about any additional marital problems.

It can be a very hard decision choosing between one’s parent and one’s spouse.  Your parent probably doesn’t want to live in a nursing home and wants to live with you instead.  It can be very difficult living in a household with an elderly parent, so your spouse would probably vote for the home.  You owe your life to your parent, but it’s important that you take your partner’s interests into account. Doc No. 34Sdlhgsdl -sds

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