Christmas Cards, Gifts And Lights: What Is Christmas To You?

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Gifts are simply among the things that can make people ecstatic during Christmas, regardless if you are exchanging gifts or it had been given to you without any conditions.  It’s the day of the year where presents really overflow.  Christmas cards are usually mailed every place, and gift shops just run out of gift ideas.  But other than the joy of giving and receiving, what does Christmas mean to you?  And why really should we celebrate it?

Before Christmas has become an international occasion, it was really a rather religious event.  It has been created to remember the birth of Jesus Christ, who was believed to be God’s only child sent to save us.  It’s usually celebrated on the twenty fifth of December; yet, there’ve been a lot of arguments whether or not that day is the actual birth date of Jesus Christ or otherwise.  The Three Wise Men and The Nativity of Jesus are some of the most prominent stories about Christmas.  These particular accounts have been passed on from generation to generation as well as from one nation to the other.  And maybe, at some stage in our lives, someone has in fact shared with us some of these stories.

As years passed, there have been loads of variations when it involves celebrating Christmas.  Christmas trees, Santa Claus, Christmas cards, sumptuous Christmas foods and unending merrymaking were added to the Christmas tradition.  The solemn and religious event has basically become a very happy celebration of life and love.  There is a thing concerning Christmas that makes our lives grateful in spite of the troubles we might have during the day.  That is exactly why many cultures and many people have shared the joy of Christmas.  It is not only an occasion now but likewise a thing that represents all of the positive things that life could bring.  You actually feel that need to smile at anybody you meet during Christmas and just involuntarily utter these words “Merry Christmas”.

During Christmas day, friends, families as well as visitors party and eat together.  Christmas cards with messages of love, hope, faith and also good wishes are often sent to each other.  The houses and streets would be filled with lights and colorful decorations.  Christmas music usually fill the air.  These particular things make us feel what most of us want to consider as the Yuletide spirit.  We see, smell, hear, feel as well as taste Christmas anywhere we go.  This is definitely why most persons observe Christmas even when there have been so many years after Jesus Christ was born. Whilst the occasion could be very different compared to the moment when the three wise men brought Jesus Christ his birthday presents, Christmas continue to convey exactly the same thought of peace, love and harmony.

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