Choosing New Vs Used Cribs: Essential Considerations

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Whether you’re having your first baby or your fourth one, it’s important for each one of them to have the best.  They need new bottles, new clothes, and even a new Child Craft Crib like the ones from Child Craft Falls Village.  Unfortunately we always have to worry about our budgets, which means cutting costs and corners when need be.

Family and friends don’t help the situation either.  There are so many “hand me downs” out there, it’s even possible to head to the local charity store for all your baby’s essentials.

Even though it seems like a great idea at first, you will soon find out it’s not even close.  We will say that its okay for some items to be purchased used, but most of it should be new.  This is especially true when it comes to car seats and a Child Craft Crib.  While the main discussion is about used cribs, take this information to heart when purchasing a baby seat.

Think about technology and research. Do we look at child rearing the same way we did forty, twenty or even just ten short years ago? While some things remain the same, further tests and studies have shown that we haven’t always known what was best, even though we would like to think so. Never fall for the “if it worked for grandma, it will work for me”, even if it DID work for grandma. Maybe she was just lucky. This goes for parenting advice and furniture selection.

If you look at the bars on older cribs and newer ones there will be a huge difference.  The older versions had a lot more space in between each bar, which left babies susceptible to injury.  There were even cases of death because of it.  There isn’t a parent out there who wants to think about something like this, and with a new crib you won’t have to at all.

So the goal is to just suck it up and purchase new furniture.  It might cost you more money now, but you will keep your baby safe.  Whether you choose a Child Craft Falls Village design or another option, a newer version is the right choice. Taking advantage of used furniture is simply a way to cut costs.  What happens if it becomes faulty and your child is harmed?  You can avoid this problem all together by purchasing a new Child Craft Crib.

After all, with something such as the Child Craft Crib, you will be the first one setting it up and you will be able to know whether it is truly safe for your child. Also, you will have the option of making use of the warranty should something go wrong with it. This is not something you would have if you were to accept a used crib from someone.

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