Choosing In-vitro Fertilization: The Male Viewpoint

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For many couples, having a baby is both the goal and fulfillment of their relationship. Sadly for some couples, medical issues may exist that may stop them from being able to conceive a boy or girl naturally. In those cases, the affected couple may choose to conceive thru In-vitro Fertilization. For those couples of come to a decision to pursue in-vitro fertilization, the time leading in to the fertilization will be exceedingly process oriented. There are consultations, evaluations, and a great number of other items which must be addressed. On occasions it can seem overwhelming.

As the male participant in the process, inclusion is essentially in a supportive role, as most of the procedures that will need to be done will involve the female partner. To help make the process as easy for her, there are a number of things to you can do to help keep your partner’s spirits up and to help her in the obligatory steps to gain successful fertilization.

You and your other half may grapple with the indisputable fact that you are unable to conceive by natural means. Nevertheless keep in mind the goal and the final result of the process is the same – a healthy kid born from your love for one another. The two of you are simply trying to maximize the likelihood of a healthy & successful pregnancy. Talk through this point if you want to and be open to her feelings.

Some of the medicines required for the method will need to be administered through injection. Offer to administer the shots if your partner is not comfortable doing so and keep in mind that she could be sore at the injection spots due to repeated shots. A little tender loving care will help to keep her assured and comfortable.

Your other half may experience emotional mood swing due to some of the medicines she is taking. One minute she would be sitting at the table reading the paper, the next she is crying about something unrelated. Be prepared, be supportive, and remember that her mood will revert to normal in time.

In-vitro fertilization isn't an easy process but with care and a willingness to help out where needed, you may be active and beneficial across the process. Education is your best friend. Make full use of the well informed reproductive experts who will care for you and your better half during this time. Never be afraid to raise a question. Show you care but being involved.

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