Change Oils And Better Engine Performance

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Your engine oil, if not changed regularly, will leave deposits on your engine which is bad for the engine. You will thank your oil filter for removing the would be deposits. Your engine oil is your partner in keeping your engine performing well and free from abrasions. It is important that you always have a full service down whenever you are going to change your oil. Make sure that you are using the proper engine oil and that you have the right oil filter. Read on to learn a few things about your oil change.

First, try to determine the materials used in the filter. Take note that the material they used for the filter can affect its effectivity. There are three criteria when it comes to rating oil filters and these are single-pass efficiency, multi-pass efficiency, and micron rating. Single-pass efficiency means the ability of the filter to remove impurities on the first pass, while multi-pass efficiency is determined by the subsequent passes through the filter. Micron rating is the measurement of particles which are allowed to pass through the filter. Better get a micron rating of 10 so that the particles which can damage the engine is removed. This is very important to the health of our clients cars in our San Diego Amsoil dealer company.

Second, make sure that you check the grade of the oil you will be using. The two grades of motor oils are the single and the multi-grade. The grade of the oil is determined by the temperature requirements of the engine. This means that those engines which require greater ranges in temperature will do better using multi grade motor oils. The best way to determine the motor oil grade for your engine is to ask a professional mechanic, or even the manufacturer. This is a crucial tip that helps clients of our Amsoil synthetic motor oil San Diego shop.

Last, make sure that you check the oil after seven days that you changed it. This is to make sure that there are no oil spills which is happening on your engine. You can check for contamination by way of the color of the oil. This is something we tell all our clients of our Amsoil transmission fluid service.

The article just detailed some of the things that you should know in order to have your engine cared for properly. Heeding these tips will ensure that you will lengthen your car engine’s life and save you money as well.

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