Candle Holder Designs

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David Artsmith  –  A candle holder is a strange home accessory. It is designed to be a container for fire, a place to store and display the illumination of flames, through the holding of candles. Because of this, you can't just buy candle holders without first stopping, and imagining the light of the candle that will shine within. You have to be attentive to its relationship to the flame, to light, even to heat, and the way all of these factors will affect the room where they are placed.

The first thing you should contemplate is how the light from the candle will fall on the holder itself. Some materials such as glass or crystal will refract the light, glowing under its gentle ministrations. Other materials are opaque, and will absorb the light of the flame. These include certain types of hardwood, slate, or bone.

Another thing to consider is how candle holders will fit in with the rest of the space. Design and style factors are also important, as this candle will not live in a void? Does it clash with the existing elements in the room? Does it look out of place?

You should also consider the way shadow will fall on the space. When a candle flickers it will cast a glow. In the absence of this glow, shadows will be created. These shadows can be warm companions to the space, or evil demons that lurk over everything. It is quite difficult to completely understand lighting and shadows, unless you already have an actual candle, lit within the piece.

Another aspect of candle holder decorating is that it can be quite romantic. The soft ambient glow can cast a subtle light on a space, which can create an intimate atmosphere that is quite romantic.

Decorating with candle holders is about not only the way the piece will actually look in the space, but is also about how it will look when a candle rests in its crown. It is important to take all of this into consideration when choosing a piece for the home.


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