Beads from Nature

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Beads Made by Nature

Nature has been, is, and will always be part of us.  It is everywhere.  It is connected with everything that we do, especially when it comes to the arts.  Well the art of beading is not an exception because there are beads that will really come from nature itself!  This is one of the reasons that beaded jewelry making is such a well-liked hobby as it is so various in the sorts of materials that you can use and therefore the variety of designs you can create. 

These kinds of beads are extraordinarily attracting because they’re nice options from the industrially-made plastic or handmade glass beads.  They also are a lot lighter so you can use a large amount of them and not worry about your jewelry not being wearable.  They are great accessories during the summer time or when visiting a tropical country. 

Wooden beads are possibly the first thing that comes to one’s mind when talking about beads from nature.  There are so many sorts of wood to choose between.  There’s bamboo, sandalwood, and rosewood to name a couple.  And since wood has a pattern of its own, the combos are seemingly endless.  Wood is also very changeable.  You can color it and change its shape whichever way you need.  You can even burn it too!  Another great thing about wooden beads is that they are easy to combine with other natural beads. 

Another gift from nature that we can use for beading is freshwater pearls.  These come in all kinds of colors, shapes, and sizes.  They can be pretty costly, especially if they are top quality pearls but if you look carefully enough you can find some that are more cost-effective. 

Ah, shell beads.  Who can resist them?  They have the most lovely colours and you can even pick them on your own.  All you have to do is drill a whole into them.  Be cautious when doing this though as you can easily hurt yourself if you are not acquainted with what you do. 

What is more natural to us humans than bone?  But take note that the ones used for beading aren’t from humans!  They often come from cows and camels.  Bone is so flexible and so straightforward to change.  Soaking it in coffee or tea will immediately give it a pleasant darker color.  Soaking it in bleach, on the other hand, will leave you with a brighter looking bead. 

The nice thing about natural beads is that you can simply manipulate their colours.  Dyes usually give the desired effect.  Doing this is easy and quite inexpensive.  The textures also differ.  But in spite of this it is very easy to mix one natural bead with another.  Make sure to use hemp and it straight away fits with the overall theme of nature.  Incorporating natural materials in our designs has become very enticing jewelry for men and women as we are all getting more environmentally conscious.

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