Beading for Beginners – Selecting The Right Tools

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To ensure you are producing quality bead jewelry from the first time you start you have got to ensure you are aware of one or two beading instructions. When you purchase beading kits you sometimes get guides on the way to construct your design, however what you do not know in advance are the type of tools you require.

Having the correct tools for the job is important, getting by with whatever is lying around may compromise your design and make the final look of your jewellery look unpolished.

There are a couple of things you may want to think about buying before starting making beaded jewellery, of course the most important thing are the beads, and if you visit my site you will see I have already covered the different types of beads to help you with your decision. This article is typically focussing on the other tools you should use for making your jewelry.

Choosing Your Wire

The very first thing to pick is the wire, this is what your beads are going to be threaded onto and believe it or not there are different types you can buy. The various types of wire are based mainly on flexibility and strength. Historically the most used kind of wire is Tigertail, this wire is popular as it is rigid which means you do not have to hold the shape when planning your jewellery. The newer type of wire and a bit more pricey than Tigertail is Soft Flex Wire. This kind of wire as the name hints to is more flexible than Tigertail however it doesn’t kink as much which makes it a bit more popular.


There are 2 things needed for crimping (or finishing off the jewellery). These are crimping beads and crimping pliers. Crimping beads are made of a soft metal; this is so you can shape the bead to the end of the wire so the beads are kept in place. Using the crimping pliers rather than normal pliers is recommended, this is due to the fact that crimping pliers do give a lovely finish to the design which should raise the overall look of your jewellery.

Bead Boards

Although they don’t need to be mandatory a bead board will assist better with the look of your beaded jewelry. They’re usually felted to give protection to the beads and also come with compartments to store the beads you are working with. They have U molded grooves with measurement markers on the outside to be sure you have symmetry if you are using different coloured beads. Bead boards can be a time saver especially if you are making a lot of jewelry, they can turn out to be a smart purchase.

Misc Tools

If you wish you can use other items like glue to seal the end of a knot or bead organizers for placing all you beads in different compartments however the tools discussed in this article are potentially all that you need if you’re starting out making jewellery.

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