Baby Shower Invitations That Are Unique

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Putting together a baby shower makes a great way for you to celebrate new life and to welcome the latest addition to the family.  If you’re putting together a party for your really dear friend and you would like it to be special, you can get started with creating exceptional baby shower invitations that are to be sent to invited guests.

Here are a few tips for baby shower invitations:

Vintage Paper: Just as with wedding invitations, you can be as creative and original with your shower invitations as well.  The vintage effect will never go out of style and the very best part is the fact that there’s a great deal of choices in paper which you could make use of based on the additional elements you intend to use.

Baby Nappies Theme: This can be a cute concept to make use of in place of using the same old card and envelope that is way too expected and uninteresting.  Cutting unique paper into diaper designs could be incredibly attractive and entertaining for those who will receive the invites.  Little bears on the diapers would additionally be an excellent thought.

Teddy Bear Invites: This one is a little bit more creative and a little more costly.  The suggestion is to find stuffed bears that are outfitted with a recording and playback unit.  All you need to do is record the message appropriately and ensure that all the needed information is provided, i.e. location, telephone number for RSVP, etc.  You could also use other kinds of stuffed animals such as elephants or lady bugs for a cute effect.

Potpourri Invitations: For a much more grown up but still attractive strategy, you may decide to make use of small bottled potpourris for invitation vessels.  The information can be positioned using printable stickers on the bottle exterior.  This particular idea is quite impressive since the invited guests can use the potpourri to make their houses fragrant and much more relaxing.

E-vites: For those who are on restricted budgets, sending out electronic invites is among the cheapest alternatives.  Even though some individuals consider this tacky, others really don’t mind considering that a lot of individuals constantly check their emails anyway.  In the event you will decide to do this, ensure the e-vite is tastefully and appropriately done.

Baby Shower Invitations Requirements

There are actually several items that ought to be contained in every invitation, some of which are the following:

1. Time and date of the occasion

2. Place (give precise instructions, especially for out-of-towners who might not be too familiar with the route)

3. Attire

4. RSVP information (phone number and timeline for providing response)

5. Name and address of the gift registry

It’s usually best to deliver invitations at least 2 weeks before the event to give guests plenty of time to make necessary plans.

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