Baby Jogger Switchback Stroller

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Baby Jogger has spent the last 20 plus year creating products to help us maintain an active life style after out little bundles of joy arrive. The Switchback is a classic example of this as it not only functions as a double jogging stroller with low rolling resistance 20” wheels for a smooth ride, it can quickly, and thankfully without any tools, convert into a bike trailer. Baby Jogger bike trailer

The ride of the Switchback is further enhanced, for the occupants by a number of class leading features that many lesser trailers never thought of. Two of the biggest features that are going to ensure a stress free ride for you as the occupants will be well behaved, are the rear helmet pockets and the solid full width bench seat. Baby Jogger trailer

What the rear helmet pocket means for your passengers is that they can actually put their heads all the way back, as they are not being forced into a continual nod position as the helmet is not jutting up against and poorly positioned head rest.

The solid full width bench seat is your guarantee of a peaceful journey when there are two in the trailer. baby jogger city elite 2010. For those of you who have used a less practical trailer before you were probably vexed to discover they usually only have a fabric seat, and if you have ever jumped in a hammock with someone you know that it’s like, you just roll towards each other and you can’t get away, so what was meant to be a relaxing outdoor activity becomes a fight for space.

Thankfully the straight tracking of the stroller in jogging mode, that Baby Joggers are famous for, has not been sacrificed in this dual function model.

As with all strollers, the ease of the fold is a major factor in deciding which one to get. And just like the straight tacking has been maintained, so is the easy Baby Jogger fold. It is as simple as grabbing the two handle on either side and it closes up in a matter of seconds. The Baby Jogger Switchback

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