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Babybjorn (or Baby Bjorn as it truly is much more generally referred to) seems to be the most recent celebrity endorsed accessory for the parent and baby. In this evaluation we take a appear in the Babybjorn Comfort Carrier.

Whilst we are existing owners with the Babybjorn Ergo baby carrier, our child does not appear totally pleased inside the rearward facing position so a new carrier was called for. Having liked the Babybjorn range we looked in the Classic, Air, Active and Synergy models but identified most of them uncomfortable to wear, primarily simply because of the lack of a waist belt. We chose the comfort as it seemed to answer all of our issues, though it was a little bigger than the others.

Babybjorn Comfort Baby Carrier Assessment
Thanks towards the wide and generously padded straps and padded waist band the Baby Bjorn Comfort is with out doubt by far the most comfortable carrier we tried. So far we have utilised it on various walking expeditions, every lasting an excellent couple of hours and are pleased to report totally no back or shoulder aches or pains, plus in contrast to the Ergo carrier our baby can face each forward or backwards.

The convenience and freedom to move around naturally is perhaps the key reason for somebody to purchase such a carrier and also the comfort scores extremely in this regard. It indicates that having a child doesn’t mean having to miss out on shopping trips, days out and family events. This becomes even more of an advantage if your baby doesn’t like to be put down. It indicates you’ll be able to get on with housework or tidy up the garden whilst keeping your baby pleased. The carrier is also genuinely uncomplicated to interchange between consumers, all it takes is often a couple of tugs with the adjustable straps and you are ready to go.

The carrier is honestly well built and you possibly can see what your revenue buys you. You get the impression that it is going to last a rather lengthy time. All of the connections and fasteners are really solid and properly fitting. It feels as although it’s going to last so lengthy which you could readily use it for a couple of babies, saving your quite numerous revenue inside the lengthy run.

Babybjorn Comfort Carrier Difficulties
Though the Baby Bjorn baby carrier is cost-free of any key issues, you’ll find some minor complaints. The very first is that is can seem bulky at times (mostly on account of its construction), particularly when attempting to stow it away in a tight space including beneath a stroller or in a partially full trunk.

The second problem is that you only get 1 bib included and are unable to buy additional ones (although I’d anticipate this to change inside the future). Apart from that, the Baby Bjorn Carrier is actually a superb get.

One factor to note is that I’ve read reviews saying that the comfort carrier can turn out to be uncomfortable once the child gets heavier, around 15 lbs or so, but as we’ve got a solution to go prior to we reach this stage we won’t know but. The unit is adjustable to a certain extent but a child will clearly grow out of it ultimately.

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