Assisted Living Seattle As Compared To Nursing Homes

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Assisted-living Seattle facilities and nursing homes are generally regarded as long-term-care facilities. They provide meals as well as housing, encourage dignity, assist with daily living and provide scheduled activities intended for the aged and disabled. Choosing between assisted living and nursing home is a fairly hard task to accomplish. It requires us to try and do some vital thinking and smart decision making. Though these two entities guarantees us of a good service that offers a competitive health care for our own loved ones. It’s therefore important to be aware of distinction between the two to help you select what’s ideal for your loved ones.


Nursing homes offer help with activities of daily living, as well as nursing and medical services like intravenous medication administration, sterile dressing changes and physical, speech and occupational therapy. Care will be monitored by a doctor and given by accredited nurses, dietitians and therapy professionals. You make this particular choice when your health needs call for experienced medical professionals (such as physicians and nurses) delivering services and care on a daily basis. The main focus in a nursing home will be on medical care. Usually, nursing homes offer rehabilitation services, making it possible for a short term or a long-term stay.


In a nursing home, professional and skilled nursing care are consistently provided by the skilled employees that are with the residents twenty four hours per day and seven days per week. A nursing home is appropriate for individuals who need continuous health care. In a nursing home, the usage of medical apparatus is not limited and you can arrange it to be used by your family member solely. A nurse is always present to take care of the patient. The objective of the workers there will be to quicken the patient’s recovery so she or he can move back to her family as soon as she or he is well enough.


Assisted-living facilities help with personal-care needs, such as meals, bathing, grooming, laundry and reminders to take medication. Certain assisted-living facilities even have special care units specializing in memory disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, based on the Assisted Living Federation of America. Even though these types of facilities aren’t licensed to provide medical or nursing care, services might be readily available through home health agencies or other outside resources. You make this choice when medical, memory, or aging difficulties decrease your ability to correctly remain in your own home. You may still want the personal privacy and autonomy, however you may need just a little assistance. And, truthfully, you may even be fed up with cleaning, cooking, laundry, and house repairs. Many assisted living communities provide services for personal care.


Seattle assisted-living facilities provide the security and convenience of supervised living but promote just as much privacy and autonomy as possible, making them a desirable long-term option to both independent living as well as nursing homes. Some assisted living communities will allow you to “age in place” which means that you can remain there even as your health deteriorates. Occasionally, you may find a nursing home which has a dedicated area for assisted living. You should consider this option depending on your medical needs, but in addition on your privacy and autonomy wants.

























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