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As Farmville acquires more and more players, the makers of the game continue to add to its interest.  When players see new items in the game, like animals, they will try to get one for themselves, which adds to the game’s popularity and appeal.  Great players know which animals to buy and which to avoid – it’s one of their Farmville secrets.

There are a lot of animals available in Farmville, with new ones added just about every month – the latest being these:

• {Jackalope –} Not available to [purchase|in the market], this is one of the most sought-after animals in Farmville. The Jackalope takes two days to harvest and yield Jackalope hair which can be sold for 350 coins each time. This makes it very valuable. Many think that only lucky people have a Jackalope, but it’s possible for anyone to find one.

• {Peacock –} In Farmville, the peacock can dance and show off its feathers. Of all the animals to own, this one is probably the most beautiful. It’s not available to buy normally and has a harvest period of two days and peacock feathers can yield 90 coins each time and 550 experience is added to your account.

• {Buffalo –} Having a buffalo shows you have great power. This makes them popular in Farmville. Every three days, the buffalo gives hair that can be sold for 105 coins.  You also get 400 experience for the hair.

• {Ox –} Although related to the buffalo, the ox looks very different. The ox is also a commercial animal which is newly added in the list of the Farmville animals. The ox gives hair every three days that sells for 105 coins and gives 300 xpexp.

• {Deer –} Deer is a pretty animal which is famous for its walking style is considered the symbol of sex for some people. Added in December, the deer is one of the most popular animals in the game. Deer are not available to buy, but can be gained through special tasks. The Deer yields 105 coins from the Deer hair and its harvest period is two days.

An important part of your Farmville strategy is the new animals in the game – you should keep up to date as they are added.

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