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When th 25th of December approaches, the main focus of attention when it comes to buying plants is on one BIG (Christmas) tree!.   

But there are a whole host of other varieties of plants and flowers that are also wonderful when it comes to Christmas decorating and festive fun.  Fashions come and go, but the perennial favourites of poinsettias, roses, berries and holly, ivy and carnations will always be right on trend when it comes to Christmas flowers.

A highlight for many families is decorating the Christmas tree which can leave very little time (and energy) for decorating the festive table.  One way to avoid this is to arrange for a fresh flower delivery of a gorgeous centrepiece, made up of your favourite flowers in colours that match your theme.   Your local online florist will feature a range of gorgeous Christmas floral options on their website catalogue, but they will also be very willing to chat about your unique requirements in person .

The florist will be able to create any arrangement that suits your theme, the size of the table, the colours scheme – and importantly, that suits your budget.  The traditional red, white and green colour scheme is a perennial favourite, with roses, poinsettia, ivy, orchids and carnations combining well  – but there are so many other options to consider. 

A modern take on a traditional theme is to use only white flowers for Christmas, or to combine white and green (looks especially good with silver accessories) – or to combine yellow, red and orange for warm and inviting winter colours.   Spraypainting seed pods, dried leaves and branches is another interesting alternative to fresh flowers and can look stunning.  For a modern look, what about a row of identical glass containers with a single Christmas rose in each, a tall glass vase filled with silver balls or a symmetrical line of vibrant poinsettia plants down a long table?.  Your local online florist in Perth will have a host of unusual and wonderful festive ideas

If you’re ordering flowers online, arrange for delivery a few days before Christmas so that the flower blooms can open properly.   And while Christmas only lasts for a 24 hours – your festive flowers will carry on for much longer!.   To make them last even longer – re-cut stems every few days, change the container water regularly and don’t forget to use the sachet of flower food that’s provided by the florist.

Another idea for Christmas is to arrange a fresh flower delivery for that special someone – either a bouquet of flowers that they can put in their own container or a ready-made arrangement.  A gift hamper that contains lovely flowers as well as some goodies (eg wine, candy, gourmet foods, clothing etc) would also be a very welcome present at Christmas time – so have a look at your local online florist’s catalogue.

Start thinking about your Christmas table now – and chat to your local florist in Perth about ideas for festive floral centrepieces and gift hampers.    You won’t regret it.

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