After Your Baby Is Born: A Healthy Diet

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Congratulations and welcome to parenthood.  Your body has gone through a lot these past nine months and it really has a little while to go before it is normal again.  The next couple of months are going to give you and your body a whole new set of challenges particularly if you are a first time parent.  Recovering from childbirth is exhausting and when you throw a brand new baby who has no concept of time into the mix and you might find your head spinning.  Eating well during this time is almost as important as eating well while pregnant.

Your body recently been through a traumatic ordeal.  If you gave birth vaginally, you mind find yourself recovering from tears and what not.  If you gave birth via c-section, you are recovering from major surgery.   The very first thing most hospitals and doctors like to make certain is that your plumbing and waste systems are working.   Eating high fiber food and increased daily water consumption after your delivery will help make that first bowel movement significantly less painful.  This can be somewhat hard for women who delivery via c-section because they’re usually on a liquid diet for the first twenty four hours. You may find you’ll need a little help from either stool softeners or prune juice to help make that first trip a little easier.

Once you are home from the hospital, you are going to need your energy to take care of the baby.   Gone are the nights where you were able to get yourself a full 8 hours of sleep.  You probably won’t see that again for at least ninety days,  though ask any parent and they’ll let you know that getting 8 hours of sleep every night won’t happen until your kids are grown and married. Sleep deprivation can wreak havoc on you and it is important that you simply eat healthy to keep up a decent amount of your energy.

The postpartum period is usually where most women end up downing countless quantities of coffee or sugary foods to give them a fast fix. This isn’t healthy because as soon as you fall from that high, you are going to be even more exhausted than you were before hand.  Make sure all of your meals are balanced meals and stock up on quick and healthy snacks such as celery sticks, baby carrots and plenty of fruit to get you through the day.  Maintaining a healthy diet can also allow you to fight the baby blues those first couple of weeks.  Nearly 80% of all women suffer from baby blues.  These usually kick in between the 4th and 5th day after delivery and can continue for ten days to 2 weeks.  You may find yourself emotional for no reason and you might begin to cry for no reason.

Some women report a feeling of sadness that they are no longer pregnant while others report a feeling of helplessness when it comes to handling their newborn baby.  The baby blues originate from your hormone levels returning to normal.  By maintaining your healthy habits that you practiced during your pregnancy could seriously help handle your changing emotions a little better.

Pregnancy is tough plus the post partum period is equally as tough.  Make sure you are taking the very best care of yourself as possible during this time period.  Eat right and continue to take your prenatal vitamin to be sure your baby is going to receive the best care you’re capable of.

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