African Safari Family Holidays

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As a keen photographer it truly is no shock that I would adore to visit the African family holidays . What is humorous although is the fact that my young children are possibly just as keen. While most young children like seeing lions and elephants along with other African animals on the television, my youngsters have already been greatly influenced by my enthusiasm. I sense I have modified their outlook on all issues Africa and wildlife even though not comprehending the profound have an effect on my pastime has had. My little ones now see animals around the tv and say to me “that could well be an awesome photo dad.” And share my enthusiasm for observing programmes about Africa. They especially like programmes regarding the “big five” and we utilised to typically watch a program identified as “Mad Mike & Mark” which was about a film maker and a photographer and was very amusing.


We never thought we would get to go on an family holidays uk safari until the youngsters were much older but we have come to realise that there are relatives adventure holidays and safaris now that are available that are ok for kids above the age of 2. We are now trying to sort out going as soon as possible!


The choice of destinations is actually quite broad but we have narrowed it down to the Serengeti or the Masai Mara. I sense if we can’t narrow it down further it will be a terrific excuse to go twice. The main family holidays details my little ones will be looking forward to seeing will be of course the lions and if possible cheetah. Hyenas could well be nice to see, they are a much undervalued species. The excellent migration can be amazing to see if we can manage it. Thousands of zebra and wildebeest would make fantastic photos, mainly if I could get a predator like a lion around the prowl in the picture too. My wife is the least bitten by my photography passion but she does like wildlife too, her idea of heaven is actually closer to sitting in the back of the family holidays jeep lounging in the sun reading which I’m sure we can accommodate! I think as the media focus more on world ecologies it actually helps people see and want to experience in real life the natural wonders of the world, and the African safari and its experiences is just one of them.


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