A Patchwork Quilt for All Seasons

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If you have been into {quilting} for a bit, probabilities are you’ve made a patchwork quilt or 2. If you haven’t, that’s no problem, this is a great place to start. While standard patchwork quilts are lovely I always find it refreshing to take a new approach to an old favorite.

This time, I challenged myself to make a seasonal themed patchwork quilt and the results were wonderful!

To get you into the groove of seasonal quilts, I have put down a few of my personal ideas which you can use to get started with your own!

A Winter Wonderland

Winter is my favorite season of the year . It is the season that all your quilting comes in most handy. What greater way to welcome in the cold weather conditions than with a winter themed quilt?

For this, I’d be going with cool and calm colors, so whites, pale blues and purple tones do very well. Once you have selected your color scheme, stitch images of winter on to individual patches. For this I’d go with snowmen, snowflakes and any other images you think go well on the quilt.

Then prepare these so that not one of the pictures are touching and you are well on your way to a handsome patchwork quilt.

A Summer Fun Quilt

With the temperature going up in the bright season, ensure that your summer duvet is a light cover, as you will want less covering you in the warmer nights.

For summer, I might go with warm colors like oranges, yellows and reds. Your images for this season would be things like umbrellas, beach balls and sunsets and shades. Similar to the previous pattern, you will want to make sure that not one of the image patches are touching.

Regardless of what the season, with a little creativity and imagination, you may have the perfect patchwork quilt for any season!

For heaps more great hints about how to make a patchwork quilt, check out Jane Green’s patchwork quilt site now!

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