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Many baby boomers are purchasing a home that they say is the last. These homes that the baby boomers are pursuing don’t have the high-tech 21st century gadgetry as you would expect.

This kind of home is about power efficiency, durability and comfort. It can endure such acts of God, as hurricanes and earthquakes, as well as with noise, fire, wind, snow, rain and sun. You will be able to have fresh air and comfort in this type of home all-day and everyday. It can certainly cope with the tropical storms of Florida as well as the extreme cold of the Canadian North. The floors are body temperature heated, and the walls have three inches of styrofoam heat retaining material on both sides of airtight, steel reinforced concrete cubes. Fresh air is brought in through a line of pipes that are placed five feet underground. Because of this kind of design, the air is cold during the summer and warm during the winter so the highly efficient, Low-E Argon filled windows do not need to be opened.

24 hours a day fresh air should enter the home, stringently controlled and filtered. The price for this method of heating is about 11% less that conventional heating systems. The technology observed in this innovative home is available in homes being built today. It will contain an energy efficient air conditioning system, tank-less water heater, insulated concrete forms and radiant heating flooring. The steel strengthened walls provide protection from fire and wind and also earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes. The walls are solid enough to filter out sirens and traffic noise.

This particular house will not have rattling windows, squeaking floors, or breezing air coming in. Energy cost savings and substantial comfort levels tend to be there because of the insulated concrete forms. According to the design of the home and the dimensions of the windows, there could be between 35% and 60% savings on energy. The tank-less water heater will certainly supply hot water on demand. This device can save you money as well as provide convenience. You could easily integrate solar energy into this residence and not depend on the grid. possession notice

With the price tag of a conventional wood framed house, this one would be approximately 10% more, but with the added comfort, and security, along with long-term savings why would anyone chose a different type of home.  This is certainly one home that you will want to do some more research on, before you make a decision on your next house.


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