A Guide To Decorating Your Christmas Tree

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Chrismas just would not be Christmas without a Christmas tree. If in years gone by your tree has been a source of some disappointment, do not despair – just follow our simple tips and advice and you will end up with a tree that your friends and family will admire. If you have bought an artificial tree it is important to take a bit of time once it has been unpacked to make sure the branches are displayed properly, ideally in a symmetrical pattern. Prune a real tree to remove any sticking-out branches. The lights you put on your tree can often cause a bit of frustration if they do not work straight way. Check the lights, plug them in before you put them on the tree and then arrange them evenly . As a general rule of thumb for every metre in height of your tree, you should use around one hundred lights . Make sure the plug is out of sight and isn’t a tripping hazard. If you’re not a tinsel fan, there are lots of other choices available – you could use some red or plaid ribbons or else just add some more baubles to the tree. Tie bows to the ends of the branches . When it comes to baubles the choice is of course vast. You can pick them all in the same colour or in a variety of different colours. To create the best impression it is a good idea to hang the larger baubles at the base of the tree. If you’re mixing them with other decorations, make sure they’re evenly distributed . Using too many colours can also be a bit off-putting. Choose two or three for the best effect. Then you simply need to add a star or fairy at the top of the tree and wrap the tree stand in attractive wrapping or material, then pile up the pressies! To finish off, switch off all but one or two lamps in the room where the tree is situated, so that you can see the lights sparkling away. Then just light up a few of your favourite scented candles by manufacturers like True Grace candles and Yankee candles and savour your handiwork.

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