A Beautiful Wedding Album Done With Cheap Scrapbooking

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We all enjoy a good wedding! The ceremony, the tenderness, and the good times with delicious food and fun dancing. So it is important that discover a way to preserve these memories. If you’re a scrapbooker like I am, then you and I both know a scrapbook is the perfect method to to do this.

But if your wedding unfolded anything like mine, it’s probably left your bank account a little on the light side. So now may be the perfect time to get into cheap scrapbooking. This way you can have your wedding cake and eat it too! Some of the ideas I used were:


If you’ve got any old lace (or perhaps paper) doileys that you are not using, then you have to put them in your scrapbook. They make a great backing for any wedding pictures and add a real touch of class and charm. Or you could also use it as a border for the page.


When you measure it out in meters, ribbons gives you amazing value for money, something that you really are searching for when attempting to save your money. It’s also a particularly versatile material to be used in your scrapbook.

Whether you are using it as a border, to make a pattern or merely to break up a blank section, it’s a really good way to add some zazz to your album while keeping in the theme.


These are possibly my best kept secret. Simply by rubbing a pastel over a blank sheet of paper and then smudging with the palm of your hand, you’ll get a beautiful clouded look.

It actually looks amazing, you have to try it to see in person. Since discovering this, I’ve used it in many scrapbooks. With a packet of chalk based pastels costing only a couple of dollars, it is one of my essentials for scrapbooking on a budget.

So there you have it, a few fast and easy to follow tips on thrifty scrapbooking for an album of your special day.

Good luck and happy scrapbooking.

To get more easy and cheap scrapbooking hints check out Janette Miller’s blog now where you can also download 10 free scrapbooking layouts!

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