8 Simple Steps To Soccer Practice

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Soccer practice

You’ve probably heard it a hundred times that practice makes a man perfect. And it’s true when it comes to soccer practice sessions. The kids look forward to getting to the field each day with an intention to learn something new. Nevertheless, it’s imperative that kids practice regularly the old techniques in soccer training as well that have been taught to them.

So here the difficult part for you is to ensure that kids don’t get bored practicing the same drills day in and day out. The following are a few tips that’ll help you perform practice sessions in an exciting, controlled, and an accepted manner.

1. This has already been highlighted as very important. Kids emulate you so you need to behave in a way that’s expected of them. Be present on the filed before the kids; demonstrate your skill with the ball, let all the kids participate, and arrange sessions ahead of time. This way you can get the player’s attention, their respect and trust.

2. The kids should be instructed to get to the field everyday with their own ball. It’s compulsory for each kid to have a soccer ball. Just in case they forget to bring it, keep some extra balls with you.

Soccer Training

3. A number of soccer moves are such that call for daily practice sincerely. Kicking, dribbling, passing, and throw-ins are vital elements of soccer practice. The kids are required to practice these repeatedly. Initially, few of the kids might not want to take part in these but you must ensure that everyone pitches in.

4. Introduce more games than soccer drills in practice sessions. This is mainly because comparatively more resilience and skill is required in games than drills. Also, with games, you can experiment and innovate while keeping the focus on soccer.

5. Discipline is the key to success for any team. With children, it is common to make mistakes. You must curb all instances of indiscipline no matter how small or big. But keep in mind the method you adopt to do so since kids are sensitive and get hurt easily.

6. During the training session, you will observe that there are some players who do not participate in the drill. Ensure that this does not happen. All the young players should involve themselves in the game. Talk to the players about their respective positions and teach them to be responsible in those positions.

7. Do not encourage a lot of scrimmage. About 15 to 20 minutes at the end of the session is good enough. And do not work with a goalie while scrimmaging. This will make the team good at defense.

8. Keep innovating and experimenting with games and drills. There is no better way to keep the kids engaged in training.

Now, go ahead and make these tips work for you in the soccer practice sessions. In a short time, you will see your kids improving in every department. There are tremendous resources on youth soccer in our youth soccer coaching community. Subscribe to them today and you will see your team’s performance go higher sooner than later.


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