4 Useful Ways To Boost Your Kids Self Confidence

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Here are 4 proven effective ways to help increase any kids self confidence. You may find these tips useful to sit and share with your child.

Be Your Own Friend
Our opinion of ourselves affects everything we do. Believing we cannot do what we want to do prevents us from being able to do it. If you tell yourself that you are ill long enough, your body will eventually become ill. If you tell your brain constantly that you cannot do something, you will not be able to do it. Start filling your brain over and over again with positive thinking until you firmly believe what you are saying. See how quickly you will start to have faith in yourself and like yourself. Believe that you are worthy of being your own best friend

Keep Your Promises
Have you ever said you’re going to do something in your mind, and knowing full well you won’t. To improve your self esteem and confidence start by keeping promises to your self. If you say you’re going to get up in the morning at 7.00am, or if you’re going to do your homework tonight or do some work, do it. Start by keeping promises to yourself, you will respect and like yourself more because of it.

Here a couple of other fantastic ways to help boost your kids self esteem

I Will Not Accept Less Than What I Think I am Worth
Most people just accept what life throws at them and never try to improve their lives. Unlike those with the Black Belt Mentality, they stagnate and never move forward to reach a better goal in life. They daydream and never realise that their wildest daydream could become a reality if they only would wake up to the fact that they are worth far more than they are accepting. With a Black Belt Mindset, you must evaluate yourself all the time and, once you figure out just what you are worth, go for it.

Respect Yourself
Respect means being thoughtful, courteous and showing care and regard for yourself, other people and things. Self Respect allows us to act in positive ways and to stand up to harmful or hurtful actions or circumstances.

Regular time spent on these tips will have a great impact on your childs personal development.

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