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Garden Wood Plastic products Sale

Garden wood-type products have good corrosion resistance, and can effectively prevent insect erosion by adding insect-resistant elements, thereby increasing the service life of the products. And it is more convenient and efficient in cleaning.

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  • Outdoor WPC Hollow Decking
    Outdoor WPC Hollow Decking

    Our wood-plastic composite panels are made from 60% recycled hardwood fibres and 40% recycled polyethene, binders, additives and shades. hollow composite decorative deck lightweight honeycomb structure can be flipped, narrow gap groove side, the other side of the groove wider interval. The multi-slot side provides a sturdy, non-slip walking surface that is easy to clean and requires little maintenance. Ideal for private applications, small gardens.

  • Install Simple DIY Decking
    Install Simple DIY Decking

    DIY flooring is produced by high-pressure fusion extrusion of wood raw materials and plastic products. The properties of raw materials can make the products have good water resistance and wood-like properties, so DIY plastic wood flooring can be processed according to the needs of the terrain. The products in production are installed by splicing, so it can be quickly installed and saved, saving time and money.

  • Cheap Deep Embossed Decking
    Cheap Deep Embossed Decking

    Deep embossed WPC decorative board is a new technology to produce outdoor decorative products. The main technology is the high temperature and high pressure production process in the production process. After the extrusion process and before the cooling process, we added this deep embossing process by hot pressing, which makes the decoration look like a wood surface and enhances the durability of the decoration.

  • Best Synthetic Teak Decking
    Best Synthetic Teak Decking

    The synthetic teak deck provides an elegant look of a true teak deck without any time-consuming and expensive maintenance associated with natural wood teak. This material is made of flexible PVC and is easy to process and maintain. It allows you to stay in the sun and ocean for many years while enjoying more free time. It also has the highest possible UV protection to prevent fading, anti-fungal inhibitors, and excellent adhesion.

  • Outdoor Wall Panel
    Outdoor Wall Panel

    Outdoor plastic wood wall panels can effectively reduce or isolate outdoor noise, providing a quiet environment for indoor environments. In addition, the wood-type products have good corrosion resistance and insect-proof characteristics, so the service life of plastic wood wallboard products is longer than that of ordinary wooden wall panels. This can help users save time and money on maintenance and enjoy life more.

  • Garden WPC Fence
    Garden WPC Fence

    Our environmentally friendly WPC fence products are mainly made from recycled wood fiber and high density polyethylene plastic (HDPE). Combining the advantages of wood and plastic, it can be used outdoors for a long time without maintenance, without painting or dyeing. Compared to traditional wooden fences, our products are more durable, helping you to easily build durable and beautiful outdoor spaces and enjoy outdoor time.

All Over The World

Our ecological wood-plastic products are sold to many countries in the world .
We export over 20,000 tons of wood plastic composite materials to Europe, the americas, Oceania and the Middle East,
including WPC Wall panels, WPC fences, Outdoor Bench and WPC Decking.

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Founded in October 2011, Shanghai Seven Trust industrial co., LTD is a pioneer in the wood plastic composite industry. Every year, our products will be exported all over the world, including the United States, Europe, southeast Asia and other countries and regions.
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